Cold heading machine

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Cold heading machine companies specialize in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of cold heading machines.

Introduction to the characteristics of cold heading process

The cold heading process is applicable to the cold forging and cold extrusion forming (positive extrusion, reverse extrusion, and composite extrusion) of materials such as iron, copper, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, and aluminum. It can manufacture various sizes of internal and external hexagonal screws, flange screws, hollow, and solid special-shaped parts. The products […]

What are the requirements of raw materials for a cold heading machine?

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw materials for cold heading should comply with relevant standards for multi-station automatic cold heading machines. The raw materials must undergo spheroidizing annealing treatment, with a metallographic structure of spheroidized pearlite at levels 4-6. In terms of hardness, to minimize the tendency of material cracking and enhance […]

Introduce cold heading machine´╝îscrew machine and nut machine

Cold Heading Machine: The cold heading machine mainly consists of the screw cold heading machine and the nut cold heading machine. Screw Machine: The screw machine manufactures various screws, rivets, and other standard parts blanks using cold heading methods. The machine forms these using integral molding and is suitable for manufacturers that batch produce screws […]

The history and workings of cold heading machines

The history and workings of cold heading machines can be traced back to its earliest inception in Germany. The primary motivation for developing the cold heading machine was to manufacture a large number of bullet casings during World War II. (1) Under the principle of metal plastic deformation theory, a specific pressure is applied to […]

Five key points to consider when operating a cold heading machine

Here are five key points to consider when operating a cold heading machine: The end of the rebar to be used in the cold heading machine should be ground flat to ensure an accurate shape of the cold heading anchor head. After the rebar is headed with a multi-station cold heading machine, it should undergo […]

Basic knowledge about cold heading

Cold Forging: Leveraging the plasticity of metals and applying cold state mechanics to exert pressure or cold draw, the objective is to attain solid-state deformation of metal. This involves creating a method of forging at room temperature to thicken the top of bars or wires, often referred to as cold extrusion. The primary use of […]

History of cold heading machine

Cold heading machine is a specialized equipment used for mass production of fasteners such as nuts and bolts. It is a type of stamping processing machine in mechanical manufacturing. Cold heading is the process of forming metal at room temperature. The use of the cold heading technique to produce fasteners is not only efficient and […]

What cold forging is and how it works

Cold forging is a metal shaping & manufacturing process where a metal bar or billet is shaped by applying pressure at room temperature or below its recrystallization temperature. During cold forging, the plastic deformation of metal causes an alteration in its shape. The benefits of cold forging include efficiency, as it requires less time compared […]