Cold heading machine

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Cold heading machine companies specialize in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of cold heading machines.

The cold heading process is applicable to the cold forging and cold extrusion forming (positive extrusion, reverse extrusion, and composite extrusion) of materials such as iron, copper, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, and aluminum. It can manufacture various sizes of internal and external hexagonal screws, flange screws, hollow, and solid special-shaped parts. The products are mainly applied to complex parts in industries such as aerospace, railways, ships, automobiles, wind power, and others. It is a highly efficient automated production method with a wide range of performance and diverse processes.

cold heading machine

The main advantages are:

1. Cold heading is formed at room temperature, providing the workpiece with a good surface finish, high precision, and excellent strength performance.

2. Cold heading is a minimal or non-cutting process, saving raw materials, reducing labor costs, and avoiding repeated investment in other machine tools.

3. The cold heading process utilizes molds to directly form wire in one operation, operated by a mechanical arm, greatly improving production efficiency and ensuring safety and reliability.

4. The cold heading forming process can process complex parts that other machine tool processes cannot.

5. The cold heading forming process can replace the warm heading process. In terms of the current cold heading machines in China, the external hexagon can be produced up to M30*370m/m, and the internal hexagon can be produced up to M36*350m/m. This saves labor costs and energy consumption, and significantly improves production efficiency.

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