Cold heading machine

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Cold heading machine companies specialize in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of cold heading machines.

  1. Cold Heading Machine: The cold heading machine mainly consists of the screw cold heading machine and the nut cold heading machine.

  2. Screw Machine: The screw machine manufactures various screws, rivets, and other standard parts blanks using cold heading methods. The machine forms these using integral molding and is suitable for manufacturers that batch produce screws and rivets. The entire structure of the machine, from straightening, material selection, secondary cutting, and forming to blanking, is fully automated. It features standard stable forming and handles a variety of processes.

  3. Nut Machine: The nut machine uses cold heading to turn discs or rods into standard hex nuts automatically after cutting threads. The rod materials are fed through roller transmission, feeding sequentially, cutting, ball pressing, corner pressing, and hole punching, all processes finished in one machine. The cold heading stations are arranged horizontally, characterised by accurate positioning, stable operation and convenient maintenance. The machine is suitable for manufacturers that mass-produce nuts. Currently, nut machines on the market are divided by stations as follows: 4-station, 5-station, 6-station, also known as 4-die, 5-die, 6-die. Commonly referred to as 2-pliers, 3-pliers, 4-pliers. The most commonly used are the 2-pliers and 3-pliers variants, and they are in the process of being replaced by the 3-pliers model. Standard nuts usually use 2-pliers, but the 3-pliers variant is relatively more material-saving and adaptable, capable of forming more complex nuts (such as flange nuts). In cases where the 3-pliers can’t be used to make certain parts, 4-pliers are considered. When both types of stations can make a product, the more stations there are, the better the product, but the price difference is also considerable!

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