Cold heading machine

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Cold heading machine companies specialize in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of cold heading machines.

Here are five key points to consider when operating a cold heading machine:

  1. The end of the rebar to be used in the cold heading machine should be ground flat to ensure an accurate shape of the cold heading anchor head.
  2. After the rebar is headed with a multi-station cold heading machine, it should undergo a tensile test to verify whether the strength of the anchor head meets the requirements.
  3. The diameter of the rebar or steel wire should conform to the requirements of the cold heading machine. It shouldn’t be used to head excessively thick or thin rebar (wire).
  4. Within the allowed diameter range of the cold heading machine, the position of the fixture can be adjusted (either advanced or retracted) according to the required size of the anchor head to achieve the appropriate protrusion of the rebar (wire).
  5. Within the 120-130mm region of the rebar (wire) cold heading part in a multi-station automatic cold heading machine, rust needs to be removed and the wire straightened.

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